Supreme ( 最高 )

S U P R E M E    (最高 )

Live in California or New York? Don’t do nothing on the weekdays? Instead of being home bored. Go out and make over 500 dollars easy how you ask? Well Supreme is the answer for your question


 Supreme is known for its unique designs from kermit the frog wearing a bogo(Box logo t-shirt) to Donald Trump drawn on they have managed to sell a lot of stuff out. Plenty of companies are seen to be “copying” Supreme. Companies Like Palace, Ftp, and Assc have been framed for copying Supreme. Their are plenty careers Supreme has to offer. Round 2 a shop in Vegas and now in santa ana. They have made their entire store based on reselling and have made a fortune just by reselling. They don’t only sell Supreme but Supreme is what people go their for most

supreme lv

A lot of people shop their like Youtubers, Rappers, and even professional athletes. Everyone likes Supreme it is real easy to get a supreme shirt for 32 dollars then sell it for 500 i’ve done it before. Since I live in California I went to the Supreme store and bought some stuff with my friends and I and we made in total all together almost 2,000 dollars and we only spent about 100 so it pays off.

Supreme is a very smart investment and it is really easy to sell so i ask you if you had a chance to sell some supreme would you? images


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