Supreme skate team

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The most famous streetwear brand in the world started off as a skateboarding company.Image result for supreme skaters

Supreme was originally a skateboarding brand it still is but it’s not really known for skateboarding. While people treat supreme like a jewel these skateboarders treat supreme like its nothing. They get all the stuff free sometimes the clothes that they wear is worth thousands of dollars. They will still sweat, rip, stain and destroy without a care in the world. Supreme is based in LA and New York. They gathered up a couple kids from the local skate park and that’s how they get their skate team.

Supreme has dropped over fiImage result for supreme skateboardsve videos of the skate team with almost 500,000 views each. They have had a huge impact on the skateboarding scene changing the way people dress, people’s style, and pretty much everything.



3 thoughts on “Supreme skate team

  1. Hello V,

    Thanks for sharing your love for Supreme. So, why is is so popular? Is it the name, now comfortable the clothes are, or what? Keep on posting. Don’t forget your opening and closing comments for readers.


    Mr. Avants


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