The Importance of Music


Can you imagine life without music?, “I know i can’t“ . Music can make a bad day into the best day of your life. Music is their with you when no one else is. Music is there when you just want to dance. Music is a very powerful tool, without music everything would be so boring. Imagine a party with no music not really much of a party.

You can literally make music out of anything cans, boxes, spoons you name it music is everywhere in our world everyone has their own taste in music. Music can help you find friends and live a good life.

Music is important every movie has music in it. Ether it’s a scary movie and they put some type of scary music or an action film and they put some fighting music.One thing i love about music is that there’s no boundaries to what type of music you can make. One minute it can be a rapping song, then go to classical, and even to country. Many music artist also have their own style to whether it’s the type of music to clothing. My favorite artist by far is Travis Scott aka La Flame his style is unique like none other.

la flame

My favorite genre of music is Trap rap it’s the perfect music to listen to if you wanna dance.I think i speak for everyone that music is so important and without it life would be a dull and boring place.So people need to realize that music isn’t just something to dance for it can be your friend, help you in your time of need, and relate to you as well. Just express yourself when music is on and make everyday the best day ever.



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